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Leiyu – a smashing success!

The inaugural Chinese Drama production at Dulwich College Beijing, Leiyu, on 5th December won rave reviews from parents, staff and the community. Highest accolades came from Mr Gu Changwei, Oscar nominee, 2005 Berlin International Film Festival Jury Grand Prix-Silver Bear winner and world-renowned movie director, who was in attendance. He praised the captivating student production for its seamless interchange of performers in the same role as well as the drama’s clever use of flashback technique at the start. An international school performing a Chinese classic set in colonial times is simply incredible. The performance of Leiyu has both a modern and classic touch. “Each one of us in this way or another holds a connection with the arts, a performance like this draws out our connection with the arts.”


三个繁漪,二个四凤/周萍,一人同演鲁贵和鲁大海,金发碧眼的仆人,ABC角角色替换,开场、谢幕采用现代电影追述的手法,最酷的是谢幕时一阵枪声乱响,全部谢幕的演员应声倒下....难以置信这是一出国际学校八国联军学生演绎的中国经典话剧-【雷雨】" 学生的表演很鲜活, 既有时代感又有时尚感。其实每个现代人心里都存有文艺情结,这样的演出把我们的文青情结激活,与艺术拉近。” - 顾长卫导演评北京德威学生的话剧雷雨表演。

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