Friday 19 January 2018 Dulwich Newsletter 


From Headmaster

Dear Parents, 


It was a pleasure this week to welcome thirteen teachers from throughout the Dulwich International group to a two day conference hosted by DCB on the subject of the integration of education technology into teaching and learning. My thanks to James Stratford and Sophie Hidden for their organisation and input and to Staci Kalmbacher, DCI Head of Ed Tech for leading the agenda. The objectives set included the embedding of digital literacy skills in all classes and the development of a technology coach role. E-safety and student leadership across the group were also discussed.


I am currently at the recruitment fair in London, as I mentioned last week. I have already met some excellent teachers and I am grateful to the teams in Beijing for their hard work in shortlisting. I look forward to introducing our new recruits to you in due course.


On Thursday evening in London I met with Dulwich College Beijing alumni for a very enjoyable evening of reminiscing and updates. Many of them spoke about special teachers who had influenced them hugely. These former students came from a variety of graduating years, from 2012-2017. The 2015 graduating class want me to announce that they were by far the most numerous! You may recognise some of the faces in this photo. We had a lovely evening and were also joined by four former students from Dulwich Zhuhai. All these young men and women are now studying or working in London and have asked me to organise a similar event next year.    


Have a very good weekend.



Kind regards,


Simon Herbert




Welcome Coffee Morning by Friends of Dulwich


Our Friends of Dulwich Executive Committee would like to invite all parents who are new to DCB this academic year to the informal coffee morning next Friday, January 26th! It will be a great chance to find out more about Friends's plans for this year, as well as just connect and meet some new and old friends. 


Coffee and Books

Legend Garden Campus
Friday, January 26th
8.30 am – 11.00am


Reminder: Notice of Withdrawal for Term 3


If your child will not be returning in Term 3 (10th April 2018 to 15th June 2018), please send written notification to the Admissions Department ( by Wednesday 31st January 2018 in order to qualify for a refund.

REMINDER: DCB Car Parking Permits from February 2018


Dear Parents,


During drop-off and pick-up times there is a lot of traffic in the Legend Garden parental (South) car park and therefore, after conducting a thorough review of traffic control procedures, we have decided to re-introduce the DCB Car Parking Permits for our parents.


We need your support to deliver this system and the use of the permits will be mandatory.

The permit is free of charge and can be applied for electronically. Please fill in the simple form by clicking the link HERE. Please note that you will need a separate permit for each vehicle  and there is a maximum of two per family, no matter how many cars a family may have access to. 

Please note that new car permits will be issued from January 22nd onwards.  From 5th February 2018, only cars with permits in their windscreen will be allowed into the car park during busy drop-off and pick-up times. The permits are different to previous permits and will be valid till the end of 2017/18 academic year.The yellow permits for Nursery Class' parents issued this August will be still valid till the end of June 2018.

We have written car parking permits into our policy structure and the policy can be viewed via the parent portal.

We take safety issues very much to heart. We would ask all drivers, including parents, to respect our guards and their instructions. The children's safety will be much more secure if the guards' authority is recognised. Any abuse of our staff will not be tolerated and all instances will be reported directly to the Headmaster and to the DBA.

Guards have been instructed to photograph drivers and cars not conforming to our safety requirements and we will contact the employers and car owners if our safety rules are broken. Once implemented, unless specifically agreed with reception and ratified by the DBA, no cars will be allowed access into the East Gate entrance for dropping off, or picking up, students.


Thank you for your desire to make safeguarding of every one of our students, the highest priority


With best wishes,


Shaun Barton
Director of Business Administration 

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