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Our counselling team offers career and university advice and support to students from Year 7 onwards. We are fortunate to have an experienced counselling team who is familiar with the application processes for the disparate university admission systems across the world.

Each year, our graduates are accepted at, and gain scholarships to, some of the best universities worldwide. International Old Alleynians have attended Ivy League institutions and over 20 are attending Oxford or Cambridge University. Furthermore, 11 students in the DCI schools' 2015 graduating class received offers from Oxford or Cambridge.

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While a large proportion of our students choose to continue their education at top universities in the UK, a significant and growing number are choosing to attend US universities. We are now able to amend our reporting system and the presentation of a student’s academic records can be adapted to further support application to universities in the US.

Preparing our students for university starts as early as Year 7. We offer integrated lessons that are part of our Senior School curriculum, which lead students to think about their strengths and interests. This will naturally lead them to further career and university exploration in Key Stages 4 and 5 as they progress in Senior School. We spend many hours with each student to guide them with admission essays and to make the right choices for university applications. Their choices often reflect the right fit for them individually – whether it is campus location and size or area of specialty, and it is not necessarily based on university ranking.                         
-Heather Pineda, Director of University Counselling at Dulwich College International

At Dulwich College Beijing, university counselling is an important part of preparing our graduating students for their next step in life. We have 3 counsellors specialising in universities and colleges in the US & Canada, UK, Australia and Asia. To contact their office, please click here.


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Our Heritage

Dulwich College is one of the UK's oldest independent schools, founded in South London as a boys’ school in 1619. Dulwich College International (DCI) was established to bring the Dulwich education to students around the world.

Our Facilities

Our College campus is an expression of our learning philosophy. We offer an educational environment designed to nurture the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of our students.

Our Approach to Learning

Our approach to learning nurtures confidence and intellectual curiosity in our students, preparing them for success in further education and life beyond.

Language Learning in the College

Language learning is an important part of our learning philosophy at Dulwich. We believe that learning a language is essential for understanding the world  as well as understanding oneself, and for appreciating the subtleties of cultural differences.

Applying to Dulwich

We appreciate that moving to a new school can be daunting and our Admissions team is on hand to guide families through the process.

Friends of Dulwich

Friends of Dulwich is an integral and supportive part of our community. We welcome new families to the College and offer significant support to families settling into life in Beijing.

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