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Pastoral care is highly developed at Dulwich College (Beijing). Every student is supported by the class teacher or form tutor and their school’s pastoral team. All our students follow a Personal, Social and Health Education course appropriate to their age and coordinated across the year groups.

Our House system is a key component of the College pastoral care structure. Many international school students experience a great deal of change in their lives. As their parents move from country to country, children have to make new friends and adapt to different cultures and school systems. We make it a priority to ensure that children are fully welcomed into the Dulwich community, that we know them well and that they are supported during their time at the College. We want your children to feel at home, and to feel secure here, as quickly as possible.

In the Junior and Senior Schools, our House system builds a sense of community within the student body and helps develop students’ leadership skills. Our House Captains are students responsible for helping to organise House activities, which normally take the form of friendly competitions. The high levels of participation in House events – whether this is the House spelling bee, the House Drama competition or the House Music Video contest – reflect how much importance our pupils attach to this part of their lives and how much fun it offers.

We encourage students across the College to involve themselves in the wider College community and to offer support for one another. Our Student Council is made up of students from each Year group who learn to listen and work with one another while voicing the views of their peers. Our most senior students are encouraged to take on additional responsibilities and to act as ambassadors for the College. Each year, our Head Boy and Head Girl are selected from our most senior students and a select number are nominated to take on the role of Prefects. Our student leadership team set a strong example to younger students and act as a point of contact for students throughout the College.



Pastoral care

Pastoral care is at the heart of all we do at Dulwich College Beijing and our students are supported by an excellent and committed staff. Our strong links to the community beyond the school gates mean that our students maintain a broad and compassionate outlook.

Do you want  to know more about our pastoral care system at Dulwich? Please contact us now. 

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Our Heritage

Dulwich College is one of the UK's oldest independent schools, founded in South London as a boys’ school in 1619. Dulwich College International (DCI) was established to bring the Dulwich education to students around the world.

Our Facilities

Our College campus is an expression of our learning philosophy. We offer an educational environment designed to nurture the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of our students.

Our Approach to Learning

Our approach to learning nurtures confidence and intellectual curiosity in our students, preparing them for success in further education and life beyond.

Language Learning in the College

Language learning is an important part of our learning philosophy at Dulwich. We believe that learning a language is essential for understanding the world  as well as understanding oneself, and for appreciating the subtleties of cultural differences.

Applying to Dulwich

We appreciate that moving to a new school can be daunting and our Admissions team is on hand to guide families through the process.

Friends of Dulwich

Friends of Dulwich is an integral and supportive part of our community. We welcome new families to the College and offer significant support to families settling into life in Beijing.

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