DCB Wins British International School Award!

DCB is proud to announce that we have won our second British International School Award! The ceremony took place in London on 23 January and saw DCB recognised in the “Teaching Initiative of the Year” category for our Blended Maths programme.

Eleven schools applied for this distinction with four schools shortlisted, and DCB named as the final winner! In the award announcement, DCB’s programme was described as “individualised and contemporary.” The College’s Head of Maths Camille Brown and Deputy Head of Senior School Chris Stanley were in attendance to accept the prestigious accolade.  

“This achievement has certainly been a whole department effort,” said Ms Brown. “I am extremely proud of our teachers who took the risk in building and delivering instruction using this teaching and learning model, College leadership for their support, and to parents and students who have been open to this new scheme.” 

DCB won the overall award for British International School of the Year in 2011, and it is truly wonderful to be recognised again. 

“To win the British International School Award is delightful news for Dulwich College Beijing and recognition of the innovation, creativity, and risk taking that constitute the Dulwich educational environment,” said DCB Headmaster Simon Herbert. “Well done to the DCB Maths Department for the Blended Learning project. We are very proud to have won this award among such strong global competition.”

The College once again gives thanks to all of our parents and students who offered their support during the pioneering of the Blended Maths Programme.

To learn more about our Blended Maths, click this link http://www.dulwich-beijing.cn/page.cfm?p=911

Read more about The British Internatinal School Award here http://www.bismagazine.co.uk/awards/about/

As part of our partnership with The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), five practitioners will visit seven Dulwich College International (DCI) schools in the upcoming four months! Last week, the first to visit was Guy Jones, director, dramaturge, and facilitator whose directing credits include The Winter’s Tale and Twelth Night, Disnatured, Spokesong, and What Will Survive of Us. DCB had the chance to sit down with Mr Jones and ask about his time at DCB.

Tell us about your week!

It’s been a real privilege to meet the students here. They have been great and up for things and they have made my first time in Beijing very welcome indeed. We have been looking a handful of Shakespeare plays, Henry V with Year 9, A Midsummer Night’s Dream with some of the Junior School, and Romeo and Juliette with Year 10. [I’ve been] trying to bring new ways of thinking about Shakespeare as lots of young people come with a certain level of anxiety or sense that it’s not for them or that it’s just too hard to understand and therefore not worth the effort. 

I’ve been bringing techniques and exercises that we use in the rehearsal room to open up what Shakespeare might be and encourage them to think that it’s not necessarily about sitting down and thinking about the language and examining the contemporary context of that work. There is a way of looking at Shakespeare which is about feeling the language and feeling what the plays are about and kind of putting that language into your body in some way. 

So I’ve been tackling those plays and some small bits of text in a way that is slightly different from the way that they’ve been used to thinking about Shakespeare and hopefully given them a little toolkit that they might be able to take forward if they engage with those plays in any other way in the future.

How was your experience working with DCB students?

They’ve been generous and they’ve been brave. And you’ve got such a brilliant, responsive, diverse group of students here who have taught me as much as I’ve taught them, hopefully! What’s lovely about the students is that they are really up for taking risks. I have given them exercises that have gently taken them outside of their comfort zones, using their bodies to express the language, switching on a different part of their brains than they’re used to in their everyday lives. It’s been lovely to watch little lightbulbs go on and conversations happening between people where you can see people are connecting with that language in a slightly different way. 

What advice would you give to students who are aspiring writers, actors, or directors?

Be brave. This isn’t a career path that is particularly set. You have to find your way as much as possible and know who you are. Make connections with people who share the same values as you do. Really investigate what those values are. The second piece of advice is to be yourself. Really look inwards and work out what your strengths are and what it is that you might bring to a play to a text, to a writer, to an idea, to a rehearsal process. Be brave and be yourself. 


DCB Celebrates Remarkable University Offers

This year, our Class of 2017 has received 194 offers for a place at university. Of these, 48% are in the US, 36% are in the UK and the rest are a combination of Canada, Australia, Korea and Hong Kong. We had our first acceptances at Amherst College this year, two places at Brown University, two at Cambridge, one at Yale and one at Oxford, along with Berklee College of Music and the Royal College of Music. Popular majors this year include Business Management, Engineering and Art and Design. The cumulative scholarship total is currently $467,000.

Please see the full list of universities below: 

Aalto University

American University

Amherst College

Babson College

Barnard College

Beijing Normal University

Bentley University

Berklee College of Music

Boston College

Boston University

Bowdoin College

Brown University

California College of the Arts

California Institute of Technology

Chapman University

Clark University

Dickinson College

Durham University

Emory University 

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

Fordham University

George Mason University

Georgetown University

Grinnell College

Houston Baptist University

Imperial College London

Johns Hopkins University

Kalamazoo College

King's College London

Lancaster University

Loyola Marymount University

Loyola University Chicago 

McGill University

New York University

Northeastern University

Northwestern University

Parsons School of Design

Queen Mary University of London

Royal College of Music

Santa Clara University

Savannah College of Art and Design Hong Kong

Seoul National University

Simon Fraser University

St. Olaf College

Syracuse University

The Art Institute of Seattle

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The City University of New York

The George Washington University

The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

The London School of Economics and Political Science

The Ohio State University

The University of Edinburgh

The University of Hong Kong

The University of Iowa

The University of Manchester

The University of Warwick

Tufts University

Universita Bocconi

University College London

University of Aarhus

University of Bath

University of Birmingham

University of Bristol

University of British Columbia

University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Davis

University of California, Irvine

University of California, Los Angeles

University of California, Riverside

University of California, San Diego

University of California, Santa Barbara

University of Cambridge 

University of Exeter

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

University of Leeds

University of London

University of Michigan

University of Oxford

University of Puget Sound

University of Rochester

University of San Diego

University of San Francisco

University of Southern California

University of St Andrews

University of Surrey

University of Sussex

University of Sydney

University of the Arts London

University of Toronto 

University of York

Wellesley College

Wesleyan University

Yale University


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